a suffix, forming transitive and intransitive verbs from adjectives, as in fasten, harden, sweeten, or from nouns, as in heighten, lengthen, strengthen.

{abstracted from old verbs like fasten (contrast listen, where -en has kept its non-morphemic character)
a suffix of adjectives indicating material or appearance, as in ashen, golden, oaken.

{Middle English, Old English}
a suffix used to mark the past participle in many strong and some weak verbs, as in taken, proven.

{Middle English, Old English}
a suffix forming the plural of some nouns, as in brethren, children, oxen, and other words, now mostly archaic, as eyen, hosen.

{Middle English; Old English -an, case ending of weak nouns, as in oxan, oblique singular and nominative and accusative plural of oxa ox}
a diminutive suffix, as in maiden, kitten.

{Middle English, Old English}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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